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Plumridge and Peters Limited are the sole manufacturers and distributors of the Tilegram Mimic System which was developed to provide electrical engineers with a visual overview of their sites HV/LV distribution network.

The Tilegram Mimic System was designed to be used in conjunction with various Mechanical and Electrical Safety requirements such as the JSP 375 (MOD) HTM06-03 (NHS) and other organizations, such as BAA, who enforce similar policies.

The Tilegram Mimic System uses individual symbols, from our standard range, that represent various electrical items, such as switches, circuit breakers, isolators, transformers etc. When combined with line tiles, a schematic layout is produced. Our 'A' tile range have rotating centres to indicate whether a component is in an open or closed state.

To compliment the system we manufacture Safety signage, Safety PinC and AP key boxes, padlocks and other items shown in our downloadable .pdf brochure.

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